Born 29th of May, 1968 and belonging to a musical family, Paul's greatest   musical influence was his older brother Chris. At the age of 9 he followed in Chris' footsteps and began playing trumpet. This naturally led to school bands and concerts, however, after being exposed to numerous musical influences by way of Chris' elaborate record collection, Paul became intrigued with amazing drum work. Musicians such as Alan White, Bill Bruford, Simon Phillips, Billy Cobham and many others inspired Paul which ignited a natural rhythmic ability. This led to a serious dedication to percussion whichcontinues today. 

Paul's drumming style not only reflects his technical gift but also his musical  sensibility. Whether it is Rock, Fushion or Jazz Paul applies the same  precision and intensity to his drumming, which is never lacking in emotion and feel. In his early twenties, Paul experimented musically and diverged between traditional Rock playing bands to song writing original performers. This led to an opportunity  to rehearse and play with his brother Chris Martinic .

In recent years Paul has focused on percussion styles and various techniques and textures. With an ensemble comprising of both acoustic/electric drums to an array of percussion instruments Paul's versatility is an asset. To date Paul has played with numerous other talented musicians such as Glen Morrissey, Alan Harper (The BackBurners) and Steve Gambuzza of NewStone.

Paul's appreciation of various styles of music and his interest in sound and arrangements will always drive him to expand his musical career.

Paul plays on Tama, Meinl cymbals, Pearl Hardware, Gibraltar twin pedals and Hi-Hat, Latin Percussion (LP) accessories.

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